Kingsley-Bate: Cushion Boxes

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Kingsley-Bate: Cushion Boxes

Wicker: The Sag Harbor cushion box is Kingsley-Bate’s largest option for water-resistant, exterior storage.  Measuring 67” wide x 32” deep x 32.5” high, the box will accommodate a large quantity of cushions, or a generous number of pool or boating accessories. Teak: These roomy teak Cushion Boxes measure 60″ and 53″ in length. The top of the boxes are silicon sealed, while the bottoms are slatted so cushions stay dry, or dry out if necessary.The large box can also be used as a serving table when the top is down. All cushion boxes come with a hydraulic arm to allow for smooth opening and closing,  and to prevent the lid from closing suddenly.



53" Teak Storage Box

53" x 28" x 24"

60" Teak Storage Box

60"x 32.5" x 31"

60" Sag Harbor Wicker Storage Box

60" x 29" x 32.5"

67" Sag Harbor Wicker Storage Box

67"x 32" x 32.5"