AquaSport 17 AX

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Hydropool 17AX Aquasport Swim Spa


AquaSport 17 AX

The AquaSport 17AX features new ergonomic design and swim tank design along with numerous enginerring innovations that include a new Immersion Lounger and three HydropTherapy seats, each with Zone Therapy. The swim has gone to new depths with a 53-inch deep swim tank and two Accuflo wide-stream swim jets and one AquaStream jet all backed up by the new Dual-Performance Flow intakes that dramatically reduce the reflective wave effect. The swim tank features new soft-stride mats on the floor and steps. The swim spa is encompassed by Hydropool’s new acrylic lip edge design.

Here are some of the specifications:

  • Self-Clean Mode
  • HydropClean Floor Vacuum
  • HydroClean Pressurized Filter
  • Programmable Filtration Cycles
  • High-Flow SlipStream Swim Jets
  • High-Flow V-Twin Swim Jets
  • Optional Bellagio Package
  • Underwater LED Safety Lighting
  • Optional 2 Extra LED’s Norther Lights
  • 1/6 hp HydroClean Filtration Pump, Evergreen & AcuaBoost Pump
  • Stainless Steel HydroWise Heater 4Kw
  • Optional EZ-Ultra Pure Ozone System
  • Aquacord Swim Tether
  • Optional Rowing Kit
  • Optional DreamScents on Demand
  • 29″ Exercise Bar


Width: 93 inches - 236 cm
Height: 52.75 inches - 133.99 cm
Length: 220 inches - 533 cm
Primary Specs
Weight Full 22,990 lbs - 10,431 kg
Volume 2,400 gallons - 9,120 liters
Seating 4


Silver Marble

Quartz Mist

Polar White

Alpine Mist




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