Castelle:  Monterey Collection

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The Monterey Collection

by Castelle

The Monterey Collection is part of Castelle’s Vintage line, a classical revival rooted in vintage charm. Perfect in an English garden, at a French café or in your beautiful home, our Vintage line is reminiscent of a time when leisure was truly contemplated with all of the senses. Beautifully appointed with many artful details, this handcrafted and hand finished aluminum furniture sings like a fine aria giving you timeless pleasure for years to come.

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Sling Dining Chair

W-25.5” D-29.5” H-40.5” SH-17.5”

Sling Dining Swivel Rocker

W-25.5” D-29.5” H-40.5” SH-17.5”

High-Back Sling Swivel Counter Stool

W-24.5” D-28.5” H-45.5” SH-24.5”

High-Back Sling Swivel Bar Stool

W-24.5” D-28.5” H-51” SH-30”

Sling Lounge Swivel Rocker

W-29” D-30.5” H-43” SH-16”

Sling Loveseat Glider

W-47” D-28.5” H-40.5” SH-17.5”

Sling Chaise Lounge

W-30” D-81” H-41” SH-14.5”

Cushion Dining Chair

W-26.5” D-32” H-40” SH-20.5”

Cushion Sofa

W-85.5” D-33.5” H-38.5” SH-21”

Cushion Loveseat

W-58” D-33.5” H-38.5” SH-21”

Cushion Cresecent Sofa

W-93.5” D-37.5” H-38.5” SH-21”

Cushion Crescent Loveseat

W-70” D-37.5” H-38.5” SH-21”

Oval Ottoman

W-30” D-42” H-18” SH-18”

Sectional Right-Arm Lounge Chair

W-28” D-33.5” H-38.5” SH-21”

Sectional Left-Arm Lounge Chair

W-28” D-33.5” H-38.5” SH-21”

Sectional Armless Lounge Chair

W-26” D-33.5” H-38.5” SH-21”

Secitonal Ottoman

W-26” D-26” H-21” SH-21”

Sectional Corner Lounge Chair

W-61” D-35” H-38.5” SH-21”

Cushion Swivel Rocker

W-26.5” D-32” H-40” SH-20.5”

Cushion Lounge Chair

W-30.5” D-33.5” H-38.5” SH-21”

Cushion Lounge High-Back Swivel Rocker

W-30.5” D-33.5” H-43.5” SH-21”

Cushion Ottoman

W-30.5” D-26.5” H-19.5” SH-19.5”

Cushion Chaise Lounge

W-30” D-84” H-46.5” SH-22”

Cast Dining Chair with Cushion

W-23.5” D-25.5” H-35.5” SH-16”

Cast Dining Swivel Rocker with Cushion

W – 23.5” D – 25.5” H – 35.5” SH – 16”

Cast Swivel Counter Stool with Cushion

W-23.5” D-25.5” H-41.5” SH-24.5”

Cast Swivel Bar Stool with Cushion

W-23.5” D-25.5” H-47.5” SH-27”

Cast Settee with Cushion

W – 45” D – 25.5” H – 35.5” SH – 16”

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