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Tropitone:  Elance with EZ SPAN™ Segments

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The Elance with EZ SPAN™ Segments Collection

by Tropitone

Tropitone® Elance EZ SPAN Seating Collection features the exclusive EZ SPAN straps. EZ SPAN strap segment seating has the durability of the classic vinyl strap seating, but takes the design to a another level. Noted designer John Caldwell created two styles of segments, a ribbon design and a wave design, to add vibrance to the classic strap seating. The Elance EZ SPANcollection includes dining chairs, bar stools, and chaise lounges. Choose from an array of frame finishes and segment colors to create a unique outdoor sanctuary of solace and comfort.

Outdoor Furniture by Tropitone


Armless Bar Stool Ribbon Segment

Armless Bar Stool Wave Segment

Bar Stool Ribbon Segment

Bar Stool Wave Segment

Counter Height Stool Ribbon Segment

Counter Height Stool Wave Segment

Dining Chair Ribbon Segment

Dining Chair Wave Segment

Chaise Lounge Armless

Chaise Lounge Armless

Chaise Lounge

Chaise Lounge

Spa Chair Ribbon Segment

Spa Chair Wave Segment

Wave Segment Chaise Lounge

Wave Segment Chaise Lounge Armless

Wave Segment Chaise Lounge Armless

Wave Segment Chaise Lounge

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