Castelle:  Villa Bianca Collection

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The Villa Bianca Collection

by Castelle

The Villa Bianca collection is part of Castelle’s Classical line.  The Classical line features majestic detailing rooted in time and inspired by elegance found in the most stately homes. Enjoy a sense of grandeur in this line’s formal outdoor living collections. Designed with classic lines and crowning elements, the luxury of outdoor living is captured with care for lasting enjoyment.

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Sling Dining Swivel Rocker

W-26” D-29.5” H-41” SH-17.5”

Sling Dining Arm Chair

W-26” D-29.5” H-41” SH-17.5”

High-Back Sling Counter Stool

W-24” D-28” H-45.5” SH-24.5”

High-Back Sling Bar Stool

W-24” D-28” H-51” SH-30”

Sling Chaise Lounge

W-30” D-81” H-41 SH-14.5”

Cushioned Dining Chair

W-26.5” D-32” H-40” SH-21”

Cushioned Dining Swivel Rocker

W-26.5” D-32” H-40” SH-21”

Cushioned Lounge Swivel Rocker

W-30” D-36.5” H-39” SH-21”

Cushioned Sofa

W-82.5” D-36.5” H-39” SH-21”

Cushioned Loveseat

W-56.5” D-36.5” H-39” SH-21”

Cushioned Lounge Chair

W-30” D-36.5” H-39” SH-21”

Cushioned Ottoman

W-30” D-26.5” H-21” SH-21”

Cushioned Crescent Sofa

W-92” D-44” H-39” SH-21”

Cushioned Crescent Loveseat

W-71” D-41” H-39” SH-21”

Cushioned Chaise Lounge

W-30” D-84” H-46.5” SH-22”

Cushioned Oval Ottoman

W-30” D-42” H-21” SH-21”

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