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Hats off to this gem of a store we have here in Herndon!

When shopping for outdoor patio furniture, a fire pit and a large umbrella, I decided to seek out a quality company. I wanted a shop where I could purchase quality items that would last for a long time, not fall apart or not withstand the weather conditions here. The store is extremely quaint with absolutely beautiful and quality items.  Are the prices more expensive than those I could find at a mass brand store? Yes. Definitely it was more expensive but not so far out of reach pricing.  I truly feel that you have pay more for quality and durable items. I wanted to invest in pieces that I would enjoy and that would last for years to come. When you first visit this shop everything they carry is such nice quality.  The pieces and brands they carry are well known luxury items.  The shopping experience was incredible- I picked out the items I wanted and they offered to special order additional chairs for me because I needed two more than they had.  The salesgirl informed me that someone she knew had the same chairs and that after many years- they looked as good today as they did when they initially bought them.  That was just what I was looking for- furniture that would not mold and wear down w sun and weather and not fray.  The chairs had a swivel base that was very well made and sturdy- nothing flimsy-that looked like it would swivel and rock for a long time.  I woul not be back at a mass brand shop next year to buy a new set because they fell apart.
The selection was second to none.  I loved everything they offered- I could have bought it all!  They were very accommodating and got my order scheduled for delivery sooner than the schedule permitted.  The delivery truck arrived and the staff was so nice- gently delivered all of my items carefully and made sure I knew how to start the fire pit and open the umbrella.  Everything looks amazing on my patio and I cannot tell you how much we have enjoyed it – excellent quality and still looks fabulous.  Eight months later we had one small issue with one of the items.  I reached out to the staff who asked me to send photos regarding the issue.
One of the owners called me personally to say he was sorry we had had this problem so soon and they would definitely would stand behind their product and would correct the issue.  He was very genuine and wanted the experience after I left his shop to continue to be good with the products I purchased.  He genuinely cared.  He had the replacement ordered and within weeks- we had a new one to replace the one with an issue.  Even quality furniture has some unexpected issues that come up – but because I had purchased from Home
Escapes, Herndon-I could count on them. They are genuinely concerned about the shopping experience you have with them and you can count on getting the same quality customer service even after your purchase.  We will be purchasing other items for our outdoor area to enjoy- most likely a hot tub.  I will 100 percent return to Offenbachers Home Escapes. I know I will have a great selection, a great shopping experience and a great product.  I highly recommend if you are in the market for outdoor furniture or hot tubs- rush to Offenbachers Home Escapes.  I am confident you will have the same wonderful experience that I have had.  They have more than earned my repeat business. It is nice to know I don’t have to seek and hunt for what I need-I can go back to a familiar place I truly enjoy.  Thank you Adam for giving us a wonderful shopping experience! We look forward to our next purchase! Hats off to this gem of a store we have here in Herndon!

Cinda M. - Ashburn, VA